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Feel good about what you drink.

Meticulously crafted to be a fabulous addition to the organic lifestyle and a real treat for the artisan gin drinker. Fatty’s Organic Spirits are 100% organic, sustainable, international award winning, artisan spirits.

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I knew if I was struggling to find a certified organic gin that was uncompromising on taste, others would be too. We have such high expectations of our organic food, so why not of the spirits we drink?

Philippa 'Fatty' Gee

Fatty's Organic Spirits Founder

Fatty's Organic London Dry Gin

A classic London Dry Gin, with an unashamedly refreshing outlook.

Fatty’s Organic Gin creates a soft, full flavoured explosion landing on the front of the palate, before slowly melting away to leave a crisp, refreshing finish.

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Fatty's Organic Pink Grapefruit Spirit Drink

Half the alcohol, all the flavour. Drink less. Drink better.

A distilled organic spirit, meticulously crafted as an alternative to the traditional G&T. At just 20% abv it is only half the amount of alcohol you would expect from a traditional gin, but with all the flavour.

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Feel good about what you drink

With Fatty’s Organic Spirits you can be assured that every single ingredient used is free from chemicals, growth enhancing agents, fertilisers and pesticides. It makes for a much smoother and cleaner spirit, that you can feel good about drinking. We are of course certified by Soil Assocaiton to be 100% organic.

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