100% Organic & Sustainable

By choosing organic you are not only making a better choice for yourself, but you are also helping reduce the impact of climate change. 

Consuming organic is pesticide, GMO and chemical free, but vitally, organic soil management captures carbon from the atmosphere and helps reduce the impact caused by flooding and droughts.

Choosing organic is choosing to do your bit to help this magical world we are fortunate to live in.

For more information on organic farming and the impact on climate change, read Soil Association's latest report.

Through our certification with The Soil Association, we know that we are one of the BEST organically produced gins in the UK (check out our awards!).

Just as we expect high standards from our organic food, we apply these same strict standards to our gin, making for a much cleaner and smoother spirit, that you can feel good about drinking.

And we don't just stop there...

Our organic commitment doesn't just stop at the ingredients and distillation stage. We also take great pride in ensuring our bottles meet these standards too; Fatty’s Organic Spirits bottles are sprayed with organic inks and screen printed at low temperatures. We then use cork closures and  seal by hand with wax - all of which is much kinder on the environment.

Why the Soil Association certification is so essential

The Gold Standard for Organic Labelling

Soil Association’s level of compliance is renowned as the most stringent and trusted organic standard in the World.

Fair Trade Produce

Where possible, our botanicals are Fair Trade, meaning a fair price is paid to the farmers who harvest the crops enabling us to make such delicious, ethical spirits.

From Grain to Glass

100% of the ingredients and botanicals in Fatty’s Organic Spirits are certified organic; every single element is traceable so you can track the finished organic product right back to its roots and the organic raw material.

Environmental. Economical. Sustainable.

Fatty’s Organic Spirits are made in just 100 bottles a batch and produced in an exclusive copper pot still, so there is never any cross contamination with non-organic produce. Not only do we ensure all our ingredients come from the best soil, with no chemicals, artificial substances, pesticides, fungicides, herbicides, acids or GMOs, we also take great pride in ensuring our bottles meet the organic standards too; they are sprayed with organic ink and screen printed at low temperatures, which is much kinder on the environment.

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