Q&A With Our Founder, Philippa Gee

I am often asked the same few questions about how Fatty's got going and why gin, so here goes...


1. What lead you to the gin life?

The love of drinking gin! It started as a hobby when I was bought a small copper pot still as a gift, I set it up at the bottom of my garden in Dulwich, in a small brick built shed and ended up spending every night and weekend in there. I went on to launch Fatty’s in November 2017, I could see there is was huge market for a great tasting organic gin, that looks young and fresh. Winning the Silver medal from the IWSC before I launched was what really spurred me on to get it out there.

2. What was the inspiration behind the Fatty’s name?

I am the youngest of 4 siblings, my two older brothers have called me ‘Fatty’ ever since I was little, so when I created a gin, I knew it just had to be called Fatty’s!

3. What’s your favourite Fatty’s serve?

It starts with having the right glass, which for me is a high ball with a nice heavy bottom. It has to be a double measure, over lots of ice and then just a splash of light tonic on the top, ideally with a ribbon of cucumber round the glass. The joy of making the G&T should be just as much as drinking it!

4. Favourite place to enjoy a G&T

Watching the sunset over the sea, while still in my bikini on the sun lounger on the beach, surrounded by friends. Ideally in Italy!

5. What’s the best Fatty’s highlight so far?

There are a few, but probably the most personal was walking in to my first stockist, The EDT in Dulwich, and ordering my first Fatty’s & Tonic – the receipt is framed in my office :-)

6. Do you have anyone who inspires you?

I’m inspired every day by different people, but music is my go to if I want to feel uplifted, focused, inspired, or whatever it may be. Beyonce never lets me down.

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